Friday, January 16, 2015

Squeezing A Lemon

Once there was a bartender who claimed he was the strongest man on earth, he could squeeze every drop of juice out of a lemon and he bet $10,000 that no one could squeeze anymore out of a lemon he has squeezed.

People came in from all over the country, body builders, weight lifters, wrestlers, or anyone that wanted to try. But no one could squeeze anymore juice out of the lemons.

Then one day a little nerdy looking guy walks in and everyone laughs at him when they hear he is there to try to squeeze a lemon. So the bartender squeezes a lemon into a cup and hands him what is left over. Then the guy squeezes out 6 more drops of juice, and everyone is amazed!

"What do you do for a living?" they asked, "Are you a weight lifter, a body builder?"

"No", he replied. "I'm an auditor with the IRS."

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