Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Prize

A woman goes home one night with a guy she met at a club. He's tall, super hot, and seems different than most guys she's met. They arrive at his place and head straight to the bedroom. In there, the woman can't help but notice a shelf full of teddy bears. On the bottom are small teddy bears, on the middle are medium-sized teddy bears, and finally, on the top are large teddy bears, all lined up beside each other. She begins to think that he is sentimental and sweet, and isn't afraid to show it. Her heart melts and she decides to give him the best night of his life.

In the morning, she slowly gets dressed, and smiles at him and asks, "How was that?" He nods and says, "Not too bad, at all. Help yourself to a prize on the second shelf!"

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