Friday, October 31, 2014

The Farm

Agnes was 101 years old and had been a professional comedian for 54 years. She knew she was on her last legs and got the nursing staff to contact her granddaughter, her only living relative.

Her granddaughter flew in to be by her bedside and could plainly see that Agnes was near her end. Agnes weakly hugged her and asked her to pull up a chair. Her grandchild leaned in close and Agnes whispered, " Sweetie, I am leaving you everything I own including my farm. That includes the villa, tractor and other equipment, the farmhouse, orchards and $22,398,750.59 in cash.

Her granddaughter, who was absolutely floored by the realization that she was about to become very rich, said " Oh Granny you are so very generous! I did not know you even had a farm, where is it ?"

With the last of her strength, and her very last breath, Agnes whispered... " On Facebook"

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