Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thief Wanted

Tim Lake was victimized by an unknown assailant, but the Phoenix resident said he’s not about to give up on justice without a fight!

Lake had placed an order on Amazon and was patiently waiting for his package to be delivered. It arrived, but someone showed up on his doorstep and stole it.

However, the theft was caught on camera, showing a middle aged, blonde haired woman walking up to Lake's doorstep, grabbing the package, and then fleeing.

“She runs off into the distance, scurrying almost like she’s got a flat tire in there,” Lake told a local news station.

Lake responded to the theft by combining his sense of humor with some due diligence.

First, he created a “wanted” sign, which he posted around his neighborhood. The poster reads, in part:

“Beware! Have you seen this robber?”

The poster goes on to described the thief as, “Either a woman, or Dog the Bounty Hunter has really let himself go.”

Lake reached out to local news media to get his story out to the public. When asked to describe the woman in the video, Lake stated, “Eyes vacant, uncaring, lacking a soul.”

In a hilarious interview, Lake pretended to become emotionally distraught over the missing package and even paraphrased some lines from the Liam Neeson revenge film, “Taken,” when asked what he’d say to the woman if he met her on the street.

Oh, and for the record: Lake said the items stolen were a package of coffee pods and an ice tray.

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