Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sneak Treats To Spud

"Sometimes I sneak treats to Spud, the neglected, cancerous dog next door. I've never seen his owners play with him, allowed inside during a storm, or even loved like a dog should be. These moments are his happiest. I can't fix the problems in the world, but I can make his day a little better."

If every one of us vowed to do one kind act a day for another living creature, what a beautiful world this would be... : )


  1. Well at least youve found it in your heart to make his day special by slipping him treat,... treats that every dog deseves and should get,... and not to be forgotten because their sick,... im glad you did,.. at least he knos that he's not alone & that someone cares,.. koodoos to you my dear,... oxoxoxoxox

  2. I personally think someone should take that dog from its owners.. It's not right to let them have a pet if they're not treating it right..