Monday, August 5, 2013

Your Tiny Lake

I have never understood people who are always so surprised, when they build homes in the areas where wild animals live, that the animals may venture into their yards. I remember, years ago, we had the opportunity to buy a beautiful home that abutted the Cleveland National Forest, but I declined, stating that I was not willing to share my home with the animals of the forest. We eventually bought a house that back up to a National Guard airbase and never fail, some neighbor would complain about the noise the planes made taking off and landing... I mean, it's not like  the airbase was well hidden from them when they moved in. I have never understood people who complain about the obvious.

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  1. Love this picture!! I am also one that doesn't understand why people who know what they are moving next to can't figure these things out....kind of like this story from where we lived not too long ago. We lived in a very rural area next to a diary farm and surrounded by fields. There were people that moved in on the other side of us that came from California to enjoy the peace and quiet. Well, that peace and quiet wasn't so great at 5 in the morning when the farmers were out working in the fields on their tractors and also the smell of the cows on humid days was pretty strong (although hubby and I are from the country, so it just smelled like home to us). Anyway, the people next door and a few others that had moved into the area from the big cities would write nasty letters to the diary farmer telling him how bad his cow smelled and that he needed to do something about it. This farm had been there for almost 100 years and how are you going to tell cows that they need to not stink so much?? Many of them also tried to pass noise ordinances in this little tiny town so that the tractors can't be used during certain hours and that they couldn't be driven on the roads in front of their houses because of how much noise they made. I am glad to say that the noise ordinance hasn't passed, yet, but these people KNEW what kind of environment they were moving into before they moved there.